9:30 AM Christian Formation--All Levels

Every Sunday, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Coordinator: Lacey Turman |

Website: http://standrewsamarillo.org

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  • Nursery is available for all children up to age 5.
  • 3yrs to 4yrs: "Growing with God," St. Nicholas' Room, Lowndes Hall, Upstairs
  • 5yrs to 2nd Grade: "Weaving God's Promises," St. Francis' Room, Lowndes Hall, Upstairs
  • Grades 3-5, "Mustard Seed," St. Elizabeth's Room, Lowndes Hall, Downstairs
  • Grades 6-8, "Rite 13," St. Clare's Room, Lowndes Hall, Downstairs
  • Grades 9-12, "Journey 2 Adulthood," EYC Room, Lowndes Hall, Downstairs.


Spring 2020


Spring 2020 Adult Christian Formation Class

(January 5 – May 17, St. Catherine’s Room, 9:30 a.m.)


Sowing the Seeds of Love:

How Can We Carry God’s Love Out From Our St. Andrews Community?


Looking through the lens of the Way of Love, St. Andrew’s parishioners will share how they grow in God’s love through their jobs and volunteer work.  These parishioners will share the joys and struggles of living the Way of Love in their everyday lives as teachers, doctors, lawyers, artists, business owners, volunteers, moms, caregivers, and more.


February Class Schedule


Feb. 2:        Joe Bob McCartt, Businessman and Realtor

Feb. 9:        Sara Adamchak, Daycare Owner and Artist

Feb. 16:      Mary Rusk, Volunteer Helping Homeless Individuals Find Shelter, Housing

Feb. 23:      Jack Dison, Volunteer with Day Program for Homeless Individuals



Seekers and Newcomers.  St. Sophia’s Room, #2

Sundays 9:00-10:15 am,

Class Facilitators: Tammy Breitbarth, Shane Williams

St. Andrew’s Seekers & Newcomers Class is for anyone seeking God, desiring to grow in the Christian faith, and wishing to grow more in this beautiful and deeply spiritual faith tradition. We are open to everyone, whether you are brand new to church or are a long-time member. This is a “come and explore” opportunity, with no obligations placed on anyone who attends. At the end of this class, you may wish to be confirmed, baptized, received, or reaffirmed in the church.  This class relates to the Way of Love practices of “Worship,” “Learn,” and “Turn.”  In Worship, we gather in community to dwell on God through our faith tradition.  In Learn, we learn about our faith through Scripture and the Book of Common Prayer.  In Turn, we pause, listen, and choose to follow Jesus.


Breakfast is provided in the Parish Hall before all

Sunday School Classes—come join us! 

A Nursery and Children’s Sunday School classes are also provided during Adult Sunday School classes.



Black Belt Bible Study: 10:00 AM, Fridays, St. Gregory's Room, Main Floor, Lowndes Hall

  • 2019 Study: All Come!!



 All classes will be held in Lowndes Hall Christian Education Building.  Classrooms will be labeled with the name of the class being held there.  We hope you will join us!