Evensong and Taize


Originating with the synagogue evening prayer, Evensong is one of the oldest traditions of the church. By the fourth century Evensong was celebrated in the cathedrals and larger parish churches of the Christian world. Prayer and praise were the essence of this office, which by their nature were musical. The distinctive feature of Evening Prayer was the Lucernarium, or lamplighting, with its hymn of praise, Phos hilaron or hymn of Light. The reading of Scripture was followed by the singing of the Gospel canticles Magnificat (song of Mary) and the Nunc Dimitis (song of Simeon) from the Gospel of St. Luke. Evensong is a brief service that is very beautiful. If you have never experienced evensong please treat yourself to this holy and peaceful close of the day and beginning of your week.

St. Andrew's schedules Evensong services once or twice a year.  Check the calendar for the next Evensong service.  


A Taize prayer service open to the entire Amarillo community is occasionally part of our worship experience. Be sure to check the calendar to see if we are advertising a Taize service--the location may be at a different church! 

Designed to help people learn to be still and receptive to the voice of God, Taize is a short, meditative service with songs, scripture, prayers, and silence practiced in the evening with candlelight.  Rooted in monastic tradition, it is beautiful and powerful because of its simplicity. In the community of Taize, France, people come from all over the world to experience this special service within a loving community.

A member of the Taize community, Brother Emmanuel, traveled to Amarillo a few years ago to conduct a Taize service and open the possibility of a Taize community here.   Many who attended were moved by the experience and expressed a desire to have regular Taize services. Currently several churches, including St. Andrew’s, take turns hosting Taize services. 

Taize is suitable for all adults and mature children who can sit quietly.  But around the world, Taize has had special appeal to young adults.  Perhaps this has happened because their lives are so hectic that many find little time for meditation and prayer. The service gives them a rare opportunity for quiet reflection.

When the Taize service is held at St. Andrew's, childcare is provided.  Please call the church office at St. Andrew’s 376-6316 x100 to inquire.  Taize services -- whether at St. Andrew's or elsewhere -- will be posted on the church calendar so please check it for details.