RITE-13 (6th-8th Grades)

SUNDAYS at 9:30-10:15 during the School Year (St. Clare's Room, Downstairs, Lowndes Hall)

Rite 13 constitutes the first two years of The Journey to Adulthood program which celebrates the individuality and gifts of each young person.  It is a two year exploration of the gift of manhood or womanhood and the gift of creative energy.

The Goals of the Rite 13 program are primarily to establish and maintain Cross-Gender Friendships, to establish the Church as a Safety Zone in the midst of a crazy time in life, and to build a group which shares Experience and Memory.

The teens will celebrate a special Rite-13 Liturgy around their 13th birthdays, which is loosely based on the Jewish bar/bat mitzvah tradition.  This is a way for the entire congregation to come together during a service and honor our young people, as well as to offer support to their families during these challenging years.

J2A (9th - 12th GRADES)

SUNDAYS at 9:30-10:15 AM - During School Year, (EYC ROOM, Downstairs, Lowndes Hall)


J2A comprises the second two years of The Journey to Adulthood program.  This segment teaches teens specific life skills necessary in adulthood. At the end of this segment, they plan and embark on a pilgrimage.

The goals of J2A are:

  • To celebrate the transition from youth to adulthood.
  • To train young people in the skills of adulthood.
  • To explore the mystery of our faith heritage.
  • To establish our experience in the strength of community and liturgy. 

We accomplish these goals by listening carefully, building community and embarking on a serious study of:

  • Spirituality
  • Self
  • Society
  • Sexuality … a Lighthearted Way.


YAC (11th - 12th GRADES)

SUNDAYS at 9:30-10:15 AM - During School Year (St. Benedict's Room, Downstairs, Lowndes Hall)


YAC = Young Adults in Church

This is the third and final two years of the Journey to Adulthood program. This mentor-based program helps the older teens discern and carry out a ministry within the church or in the larger community. Vocation and development of a personal credo are also emphasized. a final rite of passage sends them out into the world as ambassadors of Christ, and to help them learn this they will lead the church on mission trip somewhere in the continental United States.

EYC--(Middle School and High School)

(During School year with special gatherings in the summer...EYC Room, Downstairs, Lowndes Hall...and wherever else we decide to gather!)

EYC stands for Episcopal Youth Community. This is our youth group, and they go on outings--sometimes together (both middle and high school), and sometimes with just the high school group alone. The EYC group will participate in service projects, fellowship, mission trips, and wide variety of just plain fun!


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